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Games tagged with: spot the difference

Elves are Back The elves returned to our forest and they will be here for the entire summer. Can you help them sett...
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The Fire Rings Someone stole the rings of fire from our magic armory. They left in a hurry, leaving a lot of clues...
0 0   204
Lights, Camera, Action! Are the props for the scene in place? The director will be here any minute and he will fire us all i...
0 0   181
Missing First Lady The first lady has gone missing from her home within minutes after arriving there. We need our best...
0 0   173
The Moon Priestess The priestess of the Moon that stole our holy artifacts is hiding in the temple. Recover the artifac...
0 0   61
Framed for Murder I hear those dirty cops are gonna try and pin that big murder on you. Can you solve this?
0 0   75
A Robbery Gone Bad One of our patrols interrupted a robbery in progress. The suspects got away but they left some clues...
0 0   66
Big Spring Cleaning We've got cleaning to do, a lot of broken things need fixing. Will you help us?
0 0   62
Old Town Murders The killer lives in this house, but no one believes me. If only I could sneak inside and gather some...
0 0   52
Brotherhood of Shadows There are 5 tests that you must pass within our temple. Only the fastest one will become our brother...
0 0   57
Wedding Reception We found the perfect garden for our wedding reception. Oh my, can you help us out?
0 0   55
The Bounty Hunter Sneak into the temple and help bounty hunter to collect hidden evidence.
0 0   60
The Green Robes Go to our temple and gather the hidden items.
0 0   61
The New Wizard Wizard is finally here! Quickly, go there and help him get settled in...
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Oak Street Poisoner I finally figured out who the poisoner is. But we need more evidence. Search the house and find the...
0 0   63
The Final Scene We found the villa for shooting the final movie scene. Get over there and get the movie set ready.
0 0   75
Missing Actor Some famous actor has gone missing from his home. Go there and investigate this case!
0 0   61
Tropical Resort Games Dear guest, we organized some fun games for all of you. Who ever finish them first will get a specia...
0 0   75
The Robbed Temple We discovered the temple of the Desert Queen, but the robbers beat us to it. Find any clues...
0 0   66
Saving the Memories We decided to sell our mansion. I need to find the items that are the fondest to me.
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